I A M in a math class

1. listopadu 2017 v 1:03 |  I AM
MIA: Hey guys, I can't take this anymore, I'm putting the headphones on!
IVY: Are you sure? What if the teacher finds out that we're listening to music instead of paying attention? It's just disrespectful!
ALICE: He won't find out, he can't see it through the hair!
MIA: Plus, that motherfucker ain't even paying attention to the fact that he's a shitty teacher. It's very unlikely that he'd find out 'bout us...
IVY: I still don't feel comfortable with this.
MIA: Then listen to the music! Nirvana - beautiful! Hey Alice, turn the volume up!
ALICE: I feel like dancing!
IVY: That's a bad idea!
MIA: I feel like throwing a chair at that prick in front of the blackboard.
IVY: That's a worse idea!!!
ALICE: Calm down girl, don't be so tense all the time...
IVY: He's distributing some papers... Pay attention!
MIA: Calm the fuck down, we have nothing to be afraid of. It's just a fat stupid dude to whom we can say one fat fuck fuckity fuck you!
IVY: Language!
MIA: Piss off!
ALICE: Silence, both of you! This is pointless...
MIA: Yeah it is, why are we even coming here? That prick ain't teaching us anything.
IVY: And what do you suggest? Not to come here? We would've had an unexplained absence and our parents would kill us.
ALICE: (ironically) Yeah, sure...
MIA: I don't give a shit...
IVY: No, we are not going to skip school!
ALICE: I need to take a piss.
IVY: Is that because of those supertight jeans you made us wear today?
ALICE: Maybe... But I would blame Mia, she was drinking too much again.
IVY: Mia!!!
MIA: That rum is the only reason I'm still sitting here listening to that hairy Jabba the Hutt over there...
ALICE: Are you high again?
IVY: What? Mia, you are high???
MIA: No!!! Fucking hell, I'm not high.
ALICE: Wow, that's surprising...
MIA: Shut up, y'all know that I have nothing on me here.
ALICE: No? How is that even possible? Mia, is that really you?
MIA: What's your problem, you didn't seem to be against the pills the other night...
IVY: You are both taking drugs, so please just stop arguing.
ALICE: How long till the break?
IVY: 25 minutes...
ALICE: God, I'm gonna piss myself!
MIA: I'm gonna kill someone...
IVY: I'm gonna loose my mind with you two.

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